As for teaching materials has important contributions in education is necessary for the teacher manages information on the material, especially for children in preschool children with different types of books, reading modes, also including in planning the development of the children with the teacher that will allow you to love and care, always having in mind the best way to use it and its due importance.

Features to have the Training Materials

No differences between the best and worst material, as in each case the best training material is best suited to the educational project, the needs and level of development of the children who will use it in manner and place.
In early childhood education material must have fundamental characteristics and its global nature, it is that the game offers several possibilities and opportunities for learning.

They should be simple and unstructured, as they favor action and imagination, children and girls like to play symbolically, like to imitate adult actions and objects they use. Therefore, should provide material and toys few structured environment that facilitate these functions, along with all types of toys should also include some more realistic, if not exceeded in many details that prevent the lead of children and girls in the game.

It should also take into account that must be fully hygienic, easy to clean, will not be dangerous, should not have spikes, or sharp edges (or contain parts to loosen or so small they can be swallowed in the case of the abacus).
It is also recommended that should be of attractive colors in form and presentation. With all these features you should know that all have a single purpose to help the development of intelligence. And the materials to have a real value in facilitating the development of intelligence must meet certain criteria that make them useful act as motivators, often with the same material can be various gradinita particulara iasi activities and achieve matching or complementary objectives.

The Learning Materials, is immersed within a pedagogical strategy, understood as a sequence of resources used by a teacher in educational practice and comprising various educational activities. Therefore the Didactic Material is used to stimulate the learning styles of boys and girls to acquire knowledge.

For this reason there are different materials for the initial level, among them one can mention the plastic used for the children it can already handle while building different types of objects that they can think creatively, is the case of wood, can be found from physical stimulation block, puzzles, shapes, etc., mobiles are used to spark the imagination, attention, language stimulation, being easy to use and are manufactured with different materials, regarding musical materials are used for the development of musical expression and stimulation onset and generally allows the cognitive development of children by enabling learning channels.